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Myelin is an essential component of the nervous system. Often viewed as the “insulation” protecting the neuron wiring of the brain, myelin supports electrical conduction while supplying essential metabolic support to axons. Myelin is formed by specialized cells called oligodendrocytes, which represent a major fraction of all cells in the brain.

Myelin is dynamic, and changes in myelination can occur as the result of altered neuronal activity as well as in response to brain injury and disease. The brain contains a population of stem cells with the ability to migrate throughout the brain, then differentiate into oligodendrocytes which can wrap around neurons to repair the myelin sheath. In this highly regulated way, the brain has the capacity to remodel and repair itself.

In some situations, however, the repair process is incomplete. Scientists have identified a number of signals that prevent the expansion and migration of oligodendrocyte stem cells, as well as mechanisms that impair their maturation and differentiation into myelin. Our goal at Rewind Therapeutics is to develop novel therapeutics that block these inhibitory signals and promote effective remyelination.

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